Test Yourself


In January 2016, one million HIV cases were officially registered in Russia.
70% of newly registered cases are among socially active people aged 20 to 40 years old.
One in every 100 of people aged 15 to 49 has HIV.
The epidemic has spilled over from the boundaries of the key groups and is growing to involve the population in it whole. At the same time, routes of HIV transmission and means of protection are well known.
The Test Yourself campaign aims at improving the levels of knowledge of the general population about HIV, build motivation for regular testing for HIV, and lower stigmatizing attitudes towards people living with HIV.

Why get tested for HIV?

If you think one only takes an HIV test after having had unsafe sex or some medical procedures, or else in case one used a non-sterile syringe, it is not exactly so. We test for HIV simply because we care about our health and want to live happily ever after. Nowadays it is viable, whether one has HIV or not. This is why we regularly test for HIV.
In 2016, Russia has more than one million of HIV cases officially registered; almost 100,000 people with HIV were newly registered in 20151. These stats say that at least several hundred thousands of people live are not aware they already have the disease and thus do not get treated, which means their close ones are at risk.
The thing is that HIV today is a widespread disease that involves everyone irrespective of one’s lifestyle, sexual orientation, and practicing or not of any pernicious habits and behaviors.
Modern HIV treatment, if timely initiated, may not only prolong one’s life but also help live it to the full, to create a family and have children, and to live as long as if there were no HIV2. With any disease, it is important to learn you have it so that you can start the treatment as soon as possible; the same refers to HIV.

  • I get tested for HIV to be confident about my HIV status.
  • I get tested for HIV because someone close to me does not have confidence to take the test, so we go together.
  • I get tested when I am in a long relationship, or at times I start one.
  • I get tested for HIV because I cannot put the health of my loved ones into jeopardy.
  • I get tested for HIV when I plan to have children and cannot put into jeopardy their health.
  • I get tested for HIV so that if this disease involves me, I will initiate treatment timely and live happily ever after.

How often should you test for HIV? To be confident in yours and your spouse’s HIV status, you need to take it at least once every six months.

Test yourself, knowledge is your confidence!

[1] According to the Federal Russian Federal AIDS Center (Russian Federal Scientific and Methodological Centre for Prevention and Control of AIDS), Federal Budget Institution of Science "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology" of The Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance, based on the data reported by the regional Centers for Prevention and Control of AIDS (as of February 03, 2016); a total of 1,006,388 cases officially registered; newly diagnosed in 93,188 – 93,188 people.

[2] Antipin, I. (2016). Life expectancy for people with HIV. Retrieved 2016, from http://arvt.ru/news/2016-03-29-life-expectancy.html; for more information, see Marcus, J. L., et al. (2016). Narrowing the Gap in Life Expectancy for HIV Compared With HIV- Individuals. In proceedings of the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections - 2016. Retrieved 2016, from http://www.croiconference.org/sessions/narrowing-gap-life-expectancy-hiv-compared-hiv-individuals