ANO Center for Advanced Healthcare Technologies (the Center) was registered on the 11th of September 2015 in Moscow.

The strategic goal of the Center is to supplement the government measures aimed at caring for the health of the Russian citizens.

The Charter goal of the Center is to provide social and consulting services in the sectors of healthcare, science, and education, seeking to assist the implementation of the evidence based and efficient medical and social technologies for the development of healthcare in the Russian Federation.

To achieve these goals, we engage in the activities as follows:

  • evaluating the efficiency of the healthcare programs;
  • analyzing the advanced healthcare clinical research and studies;
  • monitoring the healthcare needs of the Russian population;
  • assist the professional development of Russian healthcare workers through the provision of consulting, learning and post-graduate professional education programs;
  • preparing and organizing the international exchange programs for the experts involved in the spheres that coincide with our goals, as well as assisting the experience sharing by the healthcare institutions experts;
  • organizing and holding the events – including the roundtables, seminars, workshops, expositions, exhibitions, forums, conferences, symposia – in line with our goals;
  • drafting and carrying out public relations and information campaigns in the media relating to raising the quality of living and caring for the health of Russian citizens, including professional events, sports competitions, cultural and entertainment events, corresponding to our goals and not contradicting the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • drafting and submitting the application for grants, donations and other dedicated funding allocated to the Center;
  • assisting both individuals and legal entities, as well as their associations engaged in the activities corresponding to our goals in receiving the financial, informative, consulting, methodological, material, technical, logistical, and other kinds of support;
  • drafting and issuing the publications containing the most highly demanded materials dedicated to the advanced technologies of the evidence based medicine;
  • distributing of grants, donations, prizes and scholarships, including the contest based ones;
  • designing the concepts, scenarios and decoration projects for the non-profit events corresponding to our goals, including entertainment and sports events and competitions;
  • setting up our own mass media (including online);
  • supporting the Russian citizens, primarily those suffering from the socially significant diseases as well as their family members, including but not limited to material assistance, medical and social rehabilitation;
  • promoting the development of charity activities on the territory of Russian Federation.

The Center is not involved in any political activities.

Our Executive Director is Vsevolod Lee.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tel.: +7 (495) 120-17-40